Bucket Sort

Here, We will discuss about Bucket Sort in C, their algorithm, implementation code in C, time and space complexity, and their applications.

What is Bucket Sort?

Bucket Sort is a comparison sort algorithm. Like Counting sort, Bucket Sort also imposes restrictions on the input to improve the performance.

The algorithm based on the idea that dividing elements into different bucket and then sorting these bucket individually. Each bucket is sorted individually using a separate sorting algorithm or applying bucket sort algorithm recursively.

Bucket Sort is useful when input is uniformly distributed over a range

Bucket Sort Algorithm

The process of Bucket Sort can be understand as a scatter-gather approach.

  1. Dividing the elements into several groups called buckets.
  2. Elements inside each bucket are sort by using suitable sorting or calling bucket sort algorithm recursively.
  3. Finally, elements are gathered in order
Bucket Sort

Time and Space Complexity of Bucket Sort

Time Complexity
Worst CaseO(n2)
Best CaseO(n+k)
Average CaseO(n+k)
Space Complexity
Worst CaseO(n)

Applications of Bucket Sort

Bucket Sort is used when :

  1. input is uniformly distributed over a range.
  2. there are floating point values.

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